Individual solutions support our clients’ enthusiasm to effectively promote their products and offer more value to consumers at relatively the same cost. 

The Vital-Plast™ brand developed all the necessary competences and resources, needed for the development of uniquely shaped or decorated packaging that clearly highlights the client’s product, exposed on the shelves of the supermarket, and make the process of product’s consumption enjoyable, convenient and efficient.



Today Vital-Plast™ trademark offers a large palette of 28 standard colors to the customers, each of them can be used for the coloring of the packaging products or their separate parts (body, lid or handle).   >>>>>



The Vital-Plast™ standard product line is not a constraint for demanding customers who want to differentiate themselves from competitors not only by the color of the package or the label, but also by the form.    >>>>>


The IML label is an advanced technique, which helps to differentiate your product from competitors’ ones on overloaded shelves of supermarkets.

It is resistant to mechanical impact, is not damaged under the influence of moisture or temperature fluctuations, and does not lose color.    >>>>>


Thermo Transfer Label

Thermal transfer label is a relatively cost saving way of decorating the packaging and informing the buyer about the product.   >>>>>


Self-adhesive label

Self-adhesive label has the advantages comparing with traditional labels, since it does not require glue to be brushed over the surface of the packaging, it reduces pollution, application range is wide, convenient and quick.    >>>>>