1989: company foundation; tooling shop started;
1998: switched to injection mold specialization;
2001: certification in accordance with ISO 9001;
2001: injection molding started;
2003: participation as exhibitor in Euromold 2003, Frankfurt/Main, Germany;
2005: launch of new Injection Molding Shop;
2005: brand name "Vital-Plast" registered;
2007: certification in accordance with ISO/TS 16949;
2010: certification in accordance with ISO 14001;
2012: start-up of the new project - Volkswagen Golf 7 components production;
2013: purchase of two-component injection molding machine;
2014: certified in accordance with ISO 22000;

new material SAN (STYRENE-ACRYLONITRILE) is used in production of packaging for the first time;


certificate of excellence for an Outstanding Innovations in Production Automation from Premium Sound Solutions company (Belgium).