Food Safety Policy


Plastic Packaging Production manufactures rigid plastic packaging under the VitalPlast trademark, designed for contact with food.

This Policy reflects the Company's intentions and direction of activities in food safety management  and is part of the overall development strategy.

In the Plastic Packaging Production, a food safety culture has been introduced at all levels. To improve business processes and food safety, risks and threats are taken into account, as well as opportunities are used.

In wartime conditions, the Company continues to work and tries to adapt to the urgent needs of the market, to be useful to society.

The main means of achieving food safety goals are:

  • compliance with regulatory, legislative and mutually agreed customer requirements for food safety, as well as the requirements of ISO 22000 international standard, FSSC 22000 certification scheme;
  • maintaining the necessary food safety competence of personnel;
  • ensuring sanitary and hygienic conditions of production and warehouse premises and equipment that are necessary to produce safe products;
  • interaction with all participants in the food production chain in order to exchange information on the safety of food packaging.

The Company's management takes over obligations:

  • to spread the food safety culture and constantly improve the effectiveness of the food safety management system;
  • to comply with applicable food safety requirements, including legislative and regulatory ones, as well as mutually agreed customer food safety requirements;
  • o take into account risks and develop measures to prevent threats to food safety;
  • to constantly update eligibility of this policy.


Vladimir Lempert



Plastic Parts Production - FSCC 22000, v.5.1, ISO 22000:2018